Because I need more practice with SketchUp, I decided to expand upon one of my school projects of an apartment centered around aging in place. While in school, I only had time to create a 3D model of the kitchen in AutoCAD.  This will be a great opportunity to not only expand my SketchUp skills but add depth to my apartment project.  Today I started working on modeling the living room.  I was able to create the outer shell of the space including the large windows.  I will continue to expand upon the space and hope to eventually move to other rooms.  The original floor plan can be seen on the left for reference.   
I completed the final Beginner tutorial on SketchUp today!  Learned how to make my own piece of furniture using groups and components.  I think from here I will start to explore on my own with SketchUp.  Perhaps use it to create different furniture pieces or to rearrange a room.  Once I become more comfortable, I will try some of the more advanced tutorials Google has to offer.
Started playing around on Google SketchUp.  I began working through a few of the video tutorials Google provides on their website.  This program fast, efficient and very fun to use!  I can definitely see the benefits to using this program over more comprehensive ones like CAD and Revit.  This model generation program is great to show ideas to clients in a way that is easy for them to understand and will only take a short amount of time for a designer to create.  The Google Warehouse is amazing and makes modeling a breeze.  This will be the perfect program to use for smaller projects and I look forward to using it as I begin to re-design my parents' home basement.